We are sorry to inform you that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our physical services of worship have been cancelled until further notice.

You can view our service by selecting 'Listen Up' from the menu and selecting 'Video Sermons'
What is Church?

Our Congregation is an extended family made up of people of all ages and backgrounds.

We are a big family made up of people just like you.

We are ordinary people who have experienced God’s amazing welcome in the Gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ.
As a consequence we want to welcome others.

We would love the opportunity to welcome you and your family to any of our events or organizations.
Want to find out more?

Feel free to explore our website.

If you would like to find out more about us why don’t you come along to one of our main weekly gatherings?

On Sundays we meet at 11:30am and 6:30pm in our main building on Casement Street which is on the south side of Ballymena.
What to expect...

Aside from a warm welcome what else can you expect on Sundays?

Well, you don’t need to dress up and you can sit where you like.

We meet to worship God the Father, through God the Son, by God the Holy Spirit.

We pray, we sing, we read the Bible and we listen to a sermon.