Who We Are

Our Denomination

Harryville Presbyterian Church is one of the 536 congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. 

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland was established in 1840 by the unification of two Presbyterian churches: the General Synod of Ulster and the Secession Synod. The union of the two churches took place at the first General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Ireland which met in Belfast on 10th July 1840.

Irish Presbyterianism has its origins in Scottish migration to Ulster in the early 17th Century.

The Presbyterian Churches are part of the historic Christian Church.  The Presbyterian form of Christian faith is best described as Reformed.  We place a strong emphasis on the Sovereignty of God, the Kingship of Christ and the authority of the Bible.

Preaching the Word of God is central to Presbyterian worship services which also include singing praise and prayer. There is no fixed liturgy in Presbyterian services of worship. Prayers and hymns, psalms and paraphrases, Scripture readings and sermons are adapted to the needs of the occasion.

The word Presbyterian describes our form of Church government.  It comes from the Greek word presbuteros which means elder.  Our Congregations are led by elders who are chosen by the people. All members share in the organising and running of every aspect of the Church's work.

Our Congregation

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Our People

Our Congregation is led by our elders, known collectively as our Kirk Session.

They are responsible for the spiritual oversight of our Church.